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Promotional image for AVAILABLE NOW: 10 Unseen Moments from the World's First NFT Comedy Special

AVAILABLE NOW: 10 Unseen Moments from the World's First NFT Comedy Special

Own unseen Moments from Non-Fungible Jokin', filmed in Los Angeles, CA, featuring an all-star cast including Maria Bamford, Pete Holmes, Zainab Johnson, Beth Stelling, Chaunte Wayans, Adam Ray, Ian Edwards

Jambb accepts FLOW, USDC, and major credit cards

Your Mom's House Highlights

Jambb: Where Comedians and Fans Unite

Jambb empowers comedians to take control of their content and equips fans to collect, influence, and participate with the entertainment they love. Including

  • Standup performances
  • Deleted scenes
  • Unseen specials
  • Best-of podcasts
  • Episodes
  • and more…

For Every Kind of Fan

Owning a piece of comedy history is cool and all, but that’s only the beginning.

The casual fan:
Collect and trade moments, share with friends, discover new comedians, and experience perks.

The super fan:
Use your perks to access private shows, win merchandise, vote on future content, and potentially enjoy IP rights and royalties.

The fandom:
Join a comedian-first community, influence productions, discover future stars, and promote your favorite entertainers.

Fans With Benefits
Jambb digital collectibles are different. Find out how.

Jambb: Where Comedians and Fans Unite

Jambb provides you with a new way to create, share, and monetize. Who better to help grow your legacy than your fans — we give them the tools to do it.

Jambb has put hundreds of thousands of dollars into comedians’ pockets through generous profit sharing and financially supports up-and-coming comics.

Contact us today so we can talk about how best to work together.

Jambb: Where Comedians and Fans Unite

We use Flow.
It’s greener.

Jambb is good for collectors, good for artists, and better for the environment — that’s no joke.

Our NFTs live on Flow, a proof-of-stake network from Dapper Labs that provides a seamless, eco-friendly experience.

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