Fans With Benefits

Jambb collectibles provide real-world perks and live experiences that are rarely, if ever, seen on the blockchain. Many other NFT drops offer empty content with limited-to-no utility. Jambb is changing the paradigm. Our collectibles may include:

  • Voting rights to help determine future content
  • A chance to win merch or tickets to see your favorite comedian
  • Constant NFT giveaways
  • Access to private streaming shows
  • VIP access to live, in-person shows produced by Jambb for an entire year
  • And much more...

Jambb Diamond

An ultra exclusive Jambb community. Current access is limited to the 25 top collectors on Jambb.

Membership includes all-access passes for one year to public and private Jambb events, including stand-up shows, private dinners with comedians, and more.

An exclusive Diamond NFT acts as your annual pass and blurs the physical and digital worlds.

YMH Drop

Rules of the drop:

  • Everyone who buys a YMH collectible is entered to win free merchandise and tickets to see Tom or Christina on tour.
  • Each YMH collectible purchased comes with the right to vote on some of the content that will be included in the second Jambb drop of YMH collectibles (coming soon!).
  • From Silver to Platinum, each bump in pack tier provides increased odds of winning “real-world” perks.
  • Two Diamond Memberships will be awarded to YMH drop participants regardless of their current purchases or qualification status.
  • Each tier will be given a “J” badge, unique to your level, to prove membership in an exclusive community. This badge is a traditional NFT image that will be displayed on your Jambb collections page and can be used as an avatar to signal your inclusion to other mommies!


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About Jambb Productions

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