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Not just NFTs — real digital collectibles

As the best source of comedy collectibles in the world, Jambb unlocks the value of novel content and empowers you to own cultural moments with utility and exclusivity akin to physical collectibles.

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How it works

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    Reserve your place in line for our next timed launch.

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    Browse our current selection of packs, which are assortments of moments, jokes, or other memorabilia. Like Topps, without the gum.

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    Start building your Jambb collection. No wallet? No problem. Jambb is designed to support native crypto-experts and beginners alike, so you can use a credit card to pay.

  4. 4

    Continue to collect new moments, sell the moments you already own on our secondary market, and enjoy the perks of your personal gallery (think backstage passes or even the ability to choose your favorite comedian’s closing bit for a future show).

  5. 5

    Wash, rinse, and repeat to grow your ultimate collection.

Jambb Collectible Tiers

common collectible


Common collectibles are minted in the largest editions as an accessible way to get items from your favorite entertainers’ collections. Some can be folded into sets that grant perks.

uncommon collectible


Uncommon collectibles are minted in mid-sized editions as more exclusive content from your favorite entertainers’ collections. Some can be folded into sets that grant additional perks.

rare collectible


Rare collectibles are more exclusive editions and may include valuable perks like online tickets, access to rare footage, or discounts on merchandise, among other benefits.

legendary collectible


Legendary tier items are extremely limited and may include unique perks, experiences, discounts, or tickets; some may be exchanged for physical collectibles.

exclusive collectible


Exclusive collectibles are 1:1 editions of our best content. In addition to experiences like VIP tickets and direct access to your favorite entertainers, these may include unreleased footage and even IP rights.

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